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TTG Italia proposes an integrated model of news reporting dedicated to operators in the tourism industry, with different products that can guarantee maximum effectiveness and efficiency in reaching the right target at the right time.

TTG Italia magazine, TTGItalia.com, TTG Report: three tools with the same values, enabling all operators in the tourism industry to be reached in an efficient and wide-reaching manner, whatever their needs.

TTG Italia magazine

TTG Italia is the leading magazine in the industry, and has been delivered to industry insiders for more than 40 years every week. Among these, more than 70% of its readership is made up of travel agents, interested in exploring the key issues of the industry, and in learning the latest developments in relation to companies and products. A browsable online version is also available, with free access to the archive.


TTG Italia.com, providing online information

The online magazine of news, in-depth studies, analysis and surveys on the world of tourism. This modern and innovative site capitalises on the potential offered by web 2.0 and constantly interacts with its market and readers. It is a working tool that provides industry operators with daily updates and detailed, in-depth information on destinations, products and companies.

www.ttgitalia.com is the most read online magazine among tourism professionals, as attested to by certified statistics.

TTG Report, information at home

The main news reaches more than 80,000 users every day, informing them of all the key events that have taken place.


Increasingly social information

More than 20,000 fans on Facebook and more than 15,000 followers on Twitter.

TTG: when information is also training and dialogue

TTG Italia has an innovative publishing model, which in addition to information, also provides training events, such as webinars, and opportunities to meet the market in the form of panel discussions and conventions.

In the 1970s, TTG Italia launched TTG Incontri, now the leading international tourism trade show in Italy.

During the show, TTG publishes three dailies, and follows every event live, guaranteeing the more than 63,000 professionals present wide-ranging, in-depth information, in real time.

The values of our information

USEFUL: meets the needs of tourism industry professionals, who need to be informed promptly of the situation regarding the market and companies, new developments in products and industry trends.

QUALITY: a publication of specialist journalists and local correspondents ensures wide-ranging and constant monitoring of the market. TTG Italia is also part of an international network that helps journalists in their search for sources of different, international, quality information.

AUTHORATATIVE: TTG (online and paper) is the most read magazine in Italy among tourism operators, and is the magazine on which companies’ greatest investments in the segment are focused. Readers’ confidence shows that the information is credible and effective.

TRANSPARENT: There is a strong differentiation between advertising and news reporting, which is advantageous to both readers and advertisers. It guarantees readers objective and coherent information, and advertisers the value of linking their brand to a leading magazine that is held in high regard by its readers.

WIDE-REACHING: the paper edition of TTG reaches more than 9,000 subscribers throughout Italy, for a total of more than 50,000 readers (2.5 company readers on average); TTG Report reaches 80,000 users.

MULTIMEDIA: a global informative experience for readers. The paper version explores the main current events in the industry, and remains on readers’ desks for several days, while the website is updated in real time, to help operators understand what is important and when. TTG Italia can also be viewed on Ipads.

PARTICIPATION: Panel discussions with the leading market players, reader surveys, interaction with the main social media. TTG listens. TTG Italia journalists continuously ask readers to give their opinions, take part in creating content, and share the news. The publication organises meetings and dialogue among players to stimulate debate and tackle the industry’s topical issues.

DIFFERENT: TTG Italia is also market leader in information. It leads opinion, stimulates debate, helps its readers understand the main facts, and anticipates change.

The information professionals

An editorial team of specialist experts and journalists guarantees high-quality publishing products. This is the best guarantee for client advertising, because an authoritative and well-produced publication is one that is read attentively. The value of this for clients is double: the right target is reached in the right way, and links their image to a product of great value.

TTG, a global media

TTG Italia is a brand registered by TTG Media Limited, which operates in the UK.

It is part of an international network that includes TTG UK&Ireland , TTG Czech Republic, TTG Nordic, TTG Poland, TTG Russia & CIS, TTG Middle East & North Africa, TTG Asia, TTG China and TTG India.

The TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) brand was created in 1953.

TTG International image


TTG Italia is a publishing product of ITALIAN EXHIBITION GROUP

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